There is a girl's hostel in the college. There are 25 rooms in the hostel, two students can comfortably live in every room. The capacity of the hotel is 50 girl's students. There is a warden in the hostel to look after them & two guides to help the students whenever they need. Boarding as well as Logging is provide in hostel. Pure and tasty vegetarian food is served. They are nominally charge 3500/- rupees per month. There is a girl’s conman room in the hostel where the students can go in their leisure time and enjoy in door games like carom, snake & ladder, chine - checker and Ludo. There is a medical kit proved in case of need. News papers and magazines are provided so that the students may read them. The hostel is situated in the old building, most suitable for the girls because of its' peaceful atmosphere and away from noise and disturbance.