There is a separate room for the health and physical education for the students. All the latest equipments relating to improve their physique are available here. Some of the biological and physical charts are displayed for the knowledge of the students. Some of the latest equipments like weight lifter, chest expander, weighing machine and measuring height scale are available here to help the students. Some outdoor and indoor games are also available in the room. Students come in their vacant period and enjoy the outdoor and indoor games.

Essential Resources available to the institution

  1. Volleyball
  2. Football
  3. Basket Ball
  4. Hand Ball
  5. Table Tennis Racket
  6. Chess Board
  7. Carrom Board
  8. Whistles
  9. Badminton Rackets
  10. Cock
  11. Medicine Ball
  12. Yoga Met
  13. Weight Machine
  14. Flying disc
  15. Jute bags