ICT lab equips young student teachers with a solid foundation on the teaching through computer and projector. This lab teaches students to acquire essential ICT skills.

ICT lab uses latest technology to create a unique product with the goal of achieving specific learning objectives from multiple subject areas . Throughout the learning process, technology is used to acquire, organize, demonstrate and communicate information.

This centre is fully internet connected and has provisions for providing latest teaching aids and well equiped with L.C.D ,overhead projectors, models maps,etc. and students learn to use them as teaching aids. Some other audio visual aids are also with ICT resource centre to guide the students.

Name of Resource Qty
Number of Computer systems [12]
Availability of Internet facility Yes
Accessibility of Internet facility to students Yes
Number of CD ROMs [70]
Scanner Yes
DVD Player Yes
DVD Writer Yes
LCD Projector Yes
Tape recoder Yes

Number of Resources added during the Current Session

Name of Resource Qty
Modern Router [1]
C.D.Bag [8]
C.D.Blank [100]
Blank DVD 50
UPS battery 1
Transparency sheet 50
OHP Markers 3