Seminar and Workshop are organized throughout the year and student teachers are required to participate on different themes such as – Preparing teaching learning material, The college conducts the Seminars and work shops regularly in interest of peoples and teachers.

Early Childhood Education Strategies and Challenges

Seminar conducted on, 25th and 26th of February 2012

Art & Craft Workshop

A workshop on Art & Craft is held on 18-20th of May 2016

House wise competition are conducted

  1. Cultural Week.
  2. Sports Week
  3. Special days Celebration: Holi, Deepawali, Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day,Christmas Day, Hindi Diwas, New Year celebration
  4. World Aids Day
  5. Islamic Knowledge Competition
  6. Self Defense
  7. Educational Tour- Kashmir

Training Programmers:

The college is conducting regular Certificate course of six month for Tailoring and Art & Craft along with the Teacher Training Course.